Rosarja art workshop welcomes students to work, to create, to learn, to consult books and to share.

Lessons take place individually or in groups and address various topics like painting on canvas or wood, handling clay, firing, enamel and decoration with various techniques.

The setting of courses depends on the needs of the students.

The workshop is located on via Beato Angelico in the center of Orvieto, not far from the Faina Museum and the National Museum of Archeology. This allows me the opportunity to present paintings and ceramics of the territory.

My hope is that students who attend my workshop are enhanced by the knowledge of what our rich territory offers, and can use it in expressing their creativity.

I have created various courses on clay manipulation, decoration with glazes, crystalline, engobes and graffiti. My courses are available all year long and can be adapted according to the needs of those who are ready to give voice to their artistic inspiration, and above all discover the potential of a natural and ancient material that has always accompanied man on his life path, continuously renewing itself in its forms and contents, thanks to creative thinking and the magic of fire.

Choose the course that interests you the most, or you can contact me and we will create one tailor-made for you!

The workshop is composed of:

  • A large room suitable for hosting students (20/25 max). It is furnished with a large table and chairs and all the materials necessary for lessons and demonstrations. Within the same area there are also paintings, sculptures and various objects of my creation, to help with teaching, inspiration and are for sale.
  • A room where there is a kiln for ceramics, and shelving for storing objects waiting to be fired.
  • Office
  • Bathroom



Duration 1 hour & 30 minutes

This course includes techniques (like colombino and slab) that allow you to create small terracotta objects, working with your hands and various types of utensils. Once dried, the objects are fired and then can be taken home.

Two optional ways to decorate your objects:

  1. Cold (in this case the object is ready to be taken home
    immediately after firing).
  2. Glaze or crystalline (a second lesson is required).


This course provides a theoretical introduction to the characteristics of clay. You will then create small sculptures and bas-reliefs with the help of various tools. Objects will be fired after drying. You can take them home or proceed with glazing in a subsequent practical course.


A theoretical and practical course using turning to create small simple objects like bowls, vases, etc…

Ceramics Painting & Decorating

Duration 1 hour & 30 minutes

This theoretical and practical course teaches various decorating techniques; incisions, engobes, oxides, glazes and crystalline. Decorated objects may be taken home after they are fired.


Minimum two lessons, duration 1 hour & 30 minutes each

Creation of small bucchero objects, which can be taken home after firing. The firing process will be described with a procedural simulation, because the special type of firing cannot be performed on the spot in a closed environment.

Prices for  1 hour and 30 minute courses

1 participant – € 40/pers.
2 participants – € 35/pers.
3 participants – € 32/pers.
4 participants – € 30/pers.
5 participants – € 28/pers.
6 to 20 participants – € 25/pers.

Weekend as a Ceramist

Duration 12 hours: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

This is a course to start creating objects with clay, including a practical introduction to the techniques of manipulation and decoration. You will be able to forge one or more artifacts to bring home with you. During the course there will be small breaks with coffee, drinks and light snacks.

€ 260/pers.

Individual (you & the teacher)

Durata 28 ore

Using materials and equipment from my workshop, with the help of catalogs, art books and my technical support, you will produce ceramic or terracotta objects to take home with you at the end of the course. During the course there will be small coffee breaks.

€ 450/pers.

Group Visit of the Atelier (20-25 people)

Demonstration duration 1 hour

I introduce the ceramics manufacturing techniques and history by welcoming visitors into my atelier, where they can touch the materials and tools that I use in my daily work. They can browse art books and catalogs, and see works made using various techniques of decoration and manipulation of the clay, which I describe during the visit.

€ 100

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