My work is based on my personal experience, both professional and human.

After graduating with a degree in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata in 1995, I started my career as a ceramist. Not being able to find a craftsman who could or wanted to teach me the fundamentals of the trade, I decided to undertake my professional career as a self-taught, reading texts, experimenting and visiting places of ceramics and art.

Over time, I discovered the charm and the infinite expressive range of clay, which follows a formula unchanged over the millennia; earth, water, air and fire. Clay can take on both ancient and modern form, always maintaining its communicative power with which it transmits creative thought.

I learned to model clay, use glazes and crystallines, and other materials that revolve around ceramics, without ever forgetting my training as a painter. It was natural to mix elements from one creative field with another, making them become in some cases, one thing.

I have therefore developed my creative world, which now after so many years, I wish to share not only through the forms of my work, but also through teaching the hands and sensibilities of others.

In recent years I have seen a growing need in people to approach artistic and craft creations. Not only to increase their cultural background, but also to have a hobby, or to prepare professionally and learn a trade.

I therefore decided to expand my small workshop by moving into a space which not only allows me to produce my work as an artisan, but also gives me the opportunity to host those who wish to become familiar with my profession.

Many foreigners arrive in the city of Orvieto motivated by the desire to know our culture directly, by participating in archaeological excavations, taking cooking lessons or browsing an artisan workshop. Many of them stop in our city for a few months to attend courses of various kinds, which last one day or even weeks.

My space Rosarja is able to welcome students to work, to create, to learn, to consult books and to share.